Monday, September 28, 2009

Gabfire Wordpress NewsPaper Theme Converted For Blogger.

Gabfire wordpress newspaper theme has been converted for blogger. This is a beautiful and professional looking template. Features include Automatic Thumbnails for posts, shows new posts for every category, Adsense Ready, Fully SEO optimised, Thumbnails on recent post sidebar and so much more.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Authority Websites - How To Find Them?

Authority websites are what you should be looking for if you are eying for top position on the search engines for your keywords because authority websites make your job much easier than a website that has not already obtained this status.

For a very competitive and high traffic keyword, you will notice that generally the first 10 results contain many authority sites. There are of course some exceptions, but in general the search engines mostly prefer the websites they consider as authority websites and rank them well.

How To Identify A Authority Website?

There is of course a simple way to find out high authority sites. Just go to and in the search box simply type the site Url without the “www” before the domain name.

Find Authority Websites

Now, if the search results display some sub link under the main domain that you are searching for, then it’s a sign that this site is an authority website in the eyes of Google.

How To Find Authority Websites?

A little bit of investigation is necessary to find authority websites. You just have to search where authority starts. Check out high value directories such as DMOZ, Yahoo Directory, Google Directory (not web search) under your keyword category.

You can also search for your keyword relevant articles on Wikipedia and visit the links at the bottom and check them out whether they are authority websites or not.

What makes an authority site?

Authority sites usually have additional content and extra pages than new sites. The search engines love content-rich websites and sites with a lot of pages and a great deal content per page will perform better when competing with smaller sites.

Further, links from other authority sites to a new site will assist it to become an authority site as well. Search engines usually give more value to the incoming links from authority sites provided that their main keyword and that of the new site are same

How To Make Your Site An Authority Website?

Concentrate on adding more fresh and unique content pages to your website. After you have added new pages with fresh content, you will need to seek other authority sites to become link partners with you.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Premium Yet Free Blogger Templates For July.

Dreamy is a beautiful blogger template which is simple yet classy. You will love this template as it has some nice features like Magazine style home page with automatic summary of your posts as well as automatic thumbnail of post images.

Blogger Template Dreamy

Demo | Download

Hybrid News is a wordpress news theme which has been converted to blogger template. I love this theme because it gives a fresh look to your blogger blogs and improves it’s functionality.

Hybrid News Blogger Template

Demo | Download

Mahusay is premium blogger template featuring content slider for your favorite post, support for Adsense, RSS feed and Twitter icon. The main posts appears in white boxes with date stamp, comments and labels on top, followed by the headline and description of the post.

Mahusay Blogger Template Download

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Download Best Free Wordpress Themes For March 2009.

TodayAutoBlog: A 3 column Free WP theme with a beautiful color combination of black, gray, green and red. This fixed Width theme has been tested on latest Wordpress version and is Widget ready. Features include top navigation, sliding post images, tabbed most popular and recent post, featured content images, AdSense supported. Cross browser compatible theme and tested with Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, Opera, Flock and Safari.

Today Auto News Blog Theme

Demo | Download

Movie Theater: This theme is tested on various major web browsers, ready for threaded comments comes with WP 2.7 and compatible with WordPress 2.7.1. For better usability we integrated a nice function in it - PageNavi! Thus you’ll have the wonderful numerical page navigation. There’s a welcome block which is very easy editable. This theme is also ready for AdSense. You can replace the example picture, which are placed at the top of sidebar and bottom of the first post, with your own code from Google.

Movie Theater Wordpress Theme

Demo | Download

IsoTherm News Theme: A magazine style two column wordpress theme which is WP 2.7 compatible, supports threaded comments, paginated comments, embedded Adsense support, SEO Optimized Code, Sidebar Flickr Image Stream, Cool Sidebar Tabbed videos, 125×125 250×250 468×60 Banner, Auto Image Re-size, image panel filled with recent posts and much more.

IsoTherm News Theme

Demo | Download

Blue-Star: Is a premium Wordpress magazine style theme. Features include sliding featured post section with images, a click-able featured post images, page and category navigation menus, featured video section, rotating tag cloud, etc.

Free Blue Star Wordpress Theme

Demo | Download

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Download Best Blogger Templates Converted From Wordpress.

Wordpress To BloggerLast month I posted some beautiful wordpress themes which were very elegant and professional. Today I am posting some of the best blogger templates that have been converted from wordpress.

Zinmag Primus: Is a three column magazine style light colored premium template which is Ads ready. This blogger template has a sliding featured post, twiter plugin, featured video section, 125 x 125 Ad space, multi-level drop-down navigation menu and much more.

Zinmag Primus Blogger Templates

Blogger Demo | Blogger Download | Wordpress Demo | Wordpress Download

Zinmag Remedy: Is another very popular magazine style wordpress theme converted to blogger by This widget ready dark colored template features sliding featured post, 125 x 125 Ad space, featured video section, post highlight, tabbed navigation, etc.

Zinmag Remedy Blogger Template

Blogger Demo | Blogger Download

Zinmag Tribune:Is a newspaper style premium wordpress theme converted to blogger, has multi-level drop-down menus, various Ad support, news ticker with images, featured post with images, featured video etc.

Zinmag Tribune Blogger Template

Blogger Demo | Blogger Download | Wordpress Demo | Wordpress Download

Compositio: A beautiful theme designed by Designdisease and converted to blogger by Zonacerebral, has a unique light blue design with random square shapes. Licensed under Creative Commons, this blogger template will surely become very popular.

Compositio Blogger Template

Blogger Demo | Blogger Download | Wordpress Demo | Wordpress Download

ForexPress: Is a wordpress theme designed, specifically for financial niche, by Jinsona Design and converted to blogger template by Cahaya Biru. This template has a currency converted widget, posts with thumbnails, tabbed content like latest post and categories, cool javascript menus, space for 125 x 125, AdSense enabled and featured video section.

Download ForexPress Blogger Template

Blogger Demo | Blogger Download | Wordpress Demo | Wordpress Download

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Adsense For Domains To Monetize Your Parked Domains.

Adsense publishers now have a new option to increase their income because Google is now offering the Adsense for Domains service for parked domains.

Adsense Parked Domains

It is basically a service where Adsense publishers can set up Adsense Ads on undeveloped or unused parked domains. The visitors will see a page full of Adsense Ads, links and search results with no content. The publisher gets paid when an Ad is clicked.

Previously, domain owners were using third-party publishers like Sedo, GoDaddy in some cases Chitika’s Domain Cash Parking service to run Ads on unused domains. Now, since Google Adsense for Domains is open for international publishers, unused domain owners have the option to add to their Adsense revenue by setting up Adsense Ads on these domains.

Adsense For Domain Parking

Setting up Adsense For Domains is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Log in to your Adsense account and click "Adsense for Domains" under the "Adsense Setup" tab.

2. Review and accept the Terms and Conditions.

3. Click on "+ Add new domains" and start adding domains (Max 100). Follow the instructions to change the domain registrar settings of your domains.

4. After setting up your domains you'll have to wait until they get approved. Within 48 hours if and when they are approved, they will moved from the "Pending" to "Active".

5. Now that your domains have been approved, you can adjust the color, look of your ads and keywords.

So, if you have undeveloped parked domains and need to monetize them while they are parked, Adsense for Domains may be an option for you. If you need any further assistance, check out the Setup Instructions or visit the Help Centre.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Make Money With ClickBank's New Hop Ad Builder.

If you are a ClickBank affiliate, then there is good news for you. ClickBank has released a fabulous new tool called Hop Ad Builder. This tool or widget lets you create Adsense type Text Ads or a Tabbed Ad Box for ClickBank products which you can display on your Web site or blog.

This may be a perfect tool to bring in some extra cash and best the part is that you don't have to buy scripts and software that do this. If a visitor clicks on the Ad and buys a product, you can receive affiliate commission up to 75% of the sale. Below are the ways and reason why you should use this tool:

ClickBank's Hop Text Ad BuilderText Ads Builder: If you have Adsense oriented sites that is not doing so well or have been banned from Adsense then ClickBank HopAd builder could be a reasonable alternative. You just have to create keyword targeted ClickBank Ads and your affiliate hop link id including your tracking id will be automatically embedded in these Ads. Also you have the option to configure the size and look of these Ad Boxes to match your blog or site.

Unlike in Google’ Adsense Ads, you can easily change the “Ads By ClickBank” text with your own or leave it out altogether.

ClickBank's Hop Tabbed Ad Box BuilderTabbed Ad Box Builder: With this tool you can create a multi-tabbed Ad Box to display on your site or blog. Each tab can be customized with a unique title and keywords, enabling you to promote different types of products within the same Ad Box widget. This widget can be easily used in the sidebar widgets of your blog because it displays only ad headlines instead of the full text.

To understand the whole process you can watch the following video:

Conclusion: ClickBank’s Hop Ads are one of the best way to make money from your website or blog and you’d be wrong not to test them and see how do well they perform. To use ClickBank Hop Ads Click Here and login to your account.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Download Ayliak - The Beautiful New Free Blogger Template.

Ayliak is beautiful new personal blogger [blogspot] xml template with a fixed width. I must say this template looks really professional.

Ayliak - The Beautiful New Free Blogger Template

This widget ready template is fully customizable from the blogger layout panel on the fonts and colors tab, however this template will not work in "classic mode".

Don't forget to backup your previous blogger template before using this template.

Demo | Download

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Download Top Wordpress Themes Till February 2009.

Download Hybrid News Wordpress ThemeHybrid News was designed to be a news theme. It is neither a blog theme nor a photoblog theme. If you have a news site that wishes a fresh look, design, or transform it’s functionality, this may just be the theme for you.

Hybrid News comes with an additional page template aptly titled Front Page, which has a featured post slider, excerpts section, and headlines section. You get to choose what posts are shown and how many posts are shown.

Demo | Download

Majapahit Wordpress Theme DownloadMajapahit is a beautiful magazine style Wordpress theme. The theme is rich in colours and has a new look. The layout is completely configurable through the Theme’s options page.

The homepage has 4 categories section with 2 posts displayed for each section. Features include featured post, 4 columns layout, feature section and 6 categories expandable newsbox. You can also implement 4(Four) 125x125 ads.

Demo | Download

iBizPress Tech Wordpress Theme DownloadiBizPress Tech [LightTech] is a magazine style theme and is suitable for all types of niche. This theme has a beautiful animated featured area. Although this theme is available in 5 colors the LightTech looks best and more professional.

Theme Features include Animated featured area, Ad Space, banner space, featured video area, easy Feedburner email subscription, widgets at the bottom and much more.

Demo | Download

Compositio Wordpress Theme DownloadCompositio is a beautiful two column theme, which has random square shapes with unique light blue design. If you are looking at this theme for the first time, its uniqueness will defenitely catch your eyes.

Theme features include "Logo changer", i.e., use the default wordpress "blog name" or use a logo image. The is a widget ready theme and is licensed Creative Commons, so you can use it as you like, and make any changes. Just leave the credits on footer.

Demo | Download

Comfy Wordpress ThemeComfy is a magazine style wordpress theme which is very unique from others. Apart from basic features like drop down menus, feedburner integration, advertisement slots, tabs and widget, featured posts etc. it also contains an unique feature where users can minimize, maximize, or close any widget from homepage.

Comfy also displays posts from your selected categories. User can easily increase or decrease the number of stories shown to him on home page which makes your blog look like a real news site.

Demo | Download

Typebased Wordpress ThemesTypebased is a clean and elegant style free wordpress theme from WooThemes. It is designed for a personal blog and also included all of the other Woo goodies in the back-end, i.e., custom widgets, integrated banner ad management etc.

Features include Widgetized sidebar, with some nice custom widgets to allow you full control over your sidebar, and 5 different colour schemes to choose from.

Demo | Download

Premium News Theme from WooThemesThe Premium News Theme from WooThemes has Featured Posts panel on the homepage using jQuery technology to display or hide the posts and animated horizontal drop-down menu’s for category navigation.

This theme also has Automatic Image Resizer, which is used to dynamically create the thumbnails and featured images, a built-in video panel, which you can use to publish any web-based Flash videos and the layout supports all three of the most popular web ad sizes i.e. 468×60, 300×250 and 125×125.

Demo | Download

MMOZINE wordpress themeThe MMOZINE wordpress theme is a Make Money Online theme and is Advertisement/Banner Ready. Features include Image: in Every Post (automatic resize), SEO Optimized, Threaded Comments, Featured Video, Animated Tags, Page Number Navigation and lots more.

To add Thumbnail images for your blog posts just click “Add an Image” button. Then insert into post. Thumbnails will automatically show on your blog. Custom Field NOT required.

Demo | Download

News Theme WordpressNewsTheme is also a very good Magazine Style theme with cool features like Popular Posts, Thumbnails on Posts, Featured Video Section, SEO Optimized, Threaded Comments, 125×125 Banner Ads, etc.

Just remember that when creating your blog post, just click “Add an Image” Button and then insert into post. The thumbnails will automatically show on your blog. To Change the logo, just open “images” folder and replace “logo.gif”.

Demo | Download | Download PSD

Magasin DosMagasin Dos, a beautiful Magazine style Wordpress theme with lots of goodies like Automatic Thumbnail Resizer, Featured Post, Twitter Account integration, Flickr Thumbnails and is Adsense ready with advertising blocks easily customizable via the Option Page.

This theme also supports Threaded Comments, has Built-in Page Navigation, Feedburner Email Subscriber, Gravatar Enabled, Advertisement Ready Blocks and is easily customizable through the Option Page.

Demo | Download

Scarlett Wordpress ThemeScarlett is a decent and elegant wordpress theme with stylish and dynamic contents elements built into it. Most of you will love this theme if you take a look at the demo because it kind of gives your blog a unique look.

Features include drop down javascript navigation menu, sliding image elements, animated random post, customizable Ad Space, 300x250 ad unit on single posts, featured Video, Twitter updates, flickr gallery, related post, page navigation, threaded comments and many more.

Demo | Download

Zinmag Tribune Wordpress ThemesZinmag Tribune is free digital newspaper wordpress theme with multilevel drop down menus, featured post images, news ticker with images, posts with thumnail images etc.

Supports various ad layouts, featured video, random news, adsense intregration and a custom admin panel to enable its different modules.

Demo | Download

Zinmag Primus is a light colored premium theme with a featured post section that will instantly catch the eyes of your visitors.

With Features like multi-level drop-down navigation menu, 125x125 banner ads support, 468x60 adsense banner, featured video section, customizable twitter plugin, thumbnail images with auto resize, threaded comments, dual sidebars,page navigation plugin and much more.

Demo | Download

ForexPress is a magazine style wordpress theme which was designed for financial and politics niche. This theme has widgetized dual sidebar with built in currency converter as an optional module.

This theme features fancy javascript menus, 125 x 125 adspace and adsense enabled, featured video section, minipost area with thumbnail images, Tabbed content for displaying latest post and categories and much more.

Demo | Download

Arthemia Wordpress Theme DownloadArthemia is beautiful a magazine style wordpress theme by Micheal Jubel.It has nice JavaScript drop-down navigation menus, featured section, three bottom widgets, automatic image resizing, page navigation and much more.

This theme is immensely popular because of its simplicity and has a category bar in the middle of the page for categories and navigational purposes. Ad spaces for 300 x 250 ads and 468 x 60 banner ads are also present.

Demo | Download