Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Make Money With ClickBank's New Hop Ad Builder.

If you are a ClickBank affiliate, then there is good news for you. ClickBank has released a fabulous new tool called Hop Ad Builder. This tool or widget lets you create Adsense type Text Ads or a Tabbed Ad Box for ClickBank products which you can display on your Web site or blog.

This may be a perfect tool to bring in some extra cash and best the part is that you don't have to buy scripts and software that do this. If a visitor clicks on the Ad and buys a product, you can receive affiliate commission up to 75% of the sale. Below are the ways and reason why you should use this tool:

ClickBank's Hop Text Ad BuilderText Ads Builder: If you have Adsense oriented sites that is not doing so well or have been banned from Adsense then ClickBank HopAd builder could be a reasonable alternative. You just have to create keyword targeted ClickBank Ads and your affiliate hop link id including your tracking id will be automatically embedded in these Ads. Also you have the option to configure the size and look of these Ad Boxes to match your blog or site.

Unlike in Google’ Adsense Ads, you can easily change the “Ads By ClickBank” text with your own or leave it out altogether.

ClickBank's Hop Tabbed Ad Box BuilderTabbed Ad Box Builder: With this tool you can create a multi-tabbed Ad Box to display on your site or blog. Each tab can be customized with a unique title and keywords, enabling you to promote different types of products within the same Ad Box widget. This widget can be easily used in the sidebar widgets of your blog because it displays only ad headlines instead of the full text.

To understand the whole process you can watch the following video:

Conclusion: ClickBank’s Hop Ads are one of the best way to make money from your website or blog and you’d be wrong not to test them and see how do well they perform. To use ClickBank Hop Ads Click Here and login to your account.


  1. You can add HopAds to your Squidoo lenses now too, with the easy-to-install ClickBank Module.

  2. Good blog post! Keep it up!

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  3. thanks, really looking for adsense alternative.