Sunday, May 22, 2011

Commission Crusher Review - With Ad Assault Software.

Commission Crusher by Steve Iser is a program based on tracking down lucrative search terms and products. Commission Crusher enables you to look for websites by niche and find the most popular advertising / affiliate programs or products. Program launched on 15th Feb and I have brought this training product for this review and will definitely be using what it teaches. You really are just minutes away from changing the way you think you can make money online!

Don't be put off by the usual (and long winded) Commission Crusher sales hype when you first visit the site. The product training itself is in video format and once you've brought your membership you get instant access. You do get offers of ready made campaigns too if you are interested but the real value of Commission Crusher is in the video training, all other offers such as setting up a website are optional. The real juicy training starts in stage 3 but for this review I'll cover stage 1 and 2 first. The 'Start Here' page has optional info as far as I'm concerned. You need to have a long hard think about your product niche and domain name before starting this.

Commission Crusher Stage 1

General introduction from Steve Iser and an introduction to the Commission Crusher program and why it's different to all the other re hashed products online. Any one with any or no level of online marketing can use the program; Steve gives an introduction to using the Ad Assault software. (Running time 7 minutes)

Commission Crusher Stage 2

In depth tutorial covers where to download free web editing software if you choose to set up the website. Other info covers the 2 main affiliate programs to join, Clickbank including an introduction about Clickbank and Wolf Storm Media. Join Clickbank but you can hold off on other networks, as there are loads out there you can choose from, depending on where you live.

Info also covers the different types of products and offers you can make money with utilizing Commission Crusher. (Running time 42 minutes)

Commission Crusher Stage 3

In depth tutorial covering the use of Commission Crusher Ad Assault to find affiliates already advertising on other websites, monitoring their ads and how to choose profitable ad campaigns to duplicate. This is the core of the Commission Crusher program that gives you a major edge over affiliates 'flying blind' with their advertising, saving you a lot of time and expense! Real time examples of searching out a campaign are shown.

Make sure you have a pen & paper handy for this tutorial and DO make notes! You are in class and being walked through all aspects of choosing profitable campaigns here, all from the privacy of your own home. (Running time 72 minutes - and well worth the cost of the Commission Crusher program for this 1 tutorial itself!)

Commission Crusher Stage 4

In depth tutorial discussing tactics for using your Commission Crusher membership to it's full potential. Again, real time examples of using tactics are shown. Many great golden nuggets of information including how to approach site owners and make a deal to directly advertise on their site with out getting turned down, getting you more value for money. (Running time 30 minutes)

To conclude this review for you, nothing is left uncovered in these in depth tutorials. The math of making sure a campaign can be profitable is covered; there are so many golden nuggets of information given in these tutorials you can't fail if you implement the strategies correctly. It's time to go after the money! I'm in! Get your Commission Crusher access now. Start promoting what sells, sounds good to me! Just remember, you really must look past the long-winded sales hype on the sign up page because the tutorials are excellent.

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