Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Adsense Income Of $475.94 A Day!

Many people claim that they are earning hundreds of dollars from Google Adsense. They are writing fat e-books and selling their secrets on Click Bank. Did you ever wonder how they are doing it? I mean people seldom click on Adsense Ads. Even if they click your ads, you will find that you are only getting pennies for it.

Below is my screen shot that shows that show an Adsense Income of $475.94.

I will be honest with you. I always dreamed of making that kind of money with Adsense Ads on my sites. Although this blog receives a fair bit of traffic, my visitors seldom click on Ads because they are more interested on the content and my CTR is pretty low. Until now I had an idea that the more visitor you get, the more money you make, even you have a low CTR. It was not until I found Google Adsense Generator that I was able to show you a screen shot of how I achieved $475.94 a day from Adsense.