Thursday, August 6, 2009

Authority Websites - How To Find Them?

Authority websites are what you should be looking for if you are eying for top position on the search engines for your keywords because authority websites make your job much easier than a website that has not already obtained this status.

For a very competitive and high traffic keyword, you will notice that generally the first 10 results contain many authority sites. There are of course some exceptions, but in general the search engines mostly prefer the websites they consider as authority websites and rank them well.

How To Identify A Authority Website?

There is of course a simple way to find out high authority sites. Just go to and in the search box simply type the site Url without the “www” before the domain name.

Find Authority Websites

Now, if the search results display some sub link under the main domain that you are searching for, then it’s a sign that this site is an authority website in the eyes of Google.

How To Find Authority Websites?

A little bit of investigation is necessary to find authority websites. You just have to search where authority starts. Check out high value directories such as DMOZ, Yahoo Directory, Google Directory (not web search) under your keyword category.

You can also search for your keyword relevant articles on Wikipedia and visit the links at the bottom and check them out whether they are authority websites or not.

What makes an authority site?

Authority sites usually have additional content and extra pages than new sites. The search engines love content-rich websites and sites with a lot of pages and a great deal content per page will perform better when competing with smaller sites.

Further, links from other authority sites to a new site will assist it to become an authority site as well. Search engines usually give more value to the incoming links from authority sites provided that their main keyword and that of the new site are same

How To Make Your Site An Authority Website?

Concentrate on adding more fresh and unique content pages to your website. After you have added new pages with fresh content, you will need to seek other authority sites to become link partners with you.