Saturday, February 28, 2009

Download Top Wordpress Themes Till February 2009.

Download Hybrid News Wordpress ThemeHybrid News was designed to be a news theme. It is neither a blog theme nor a photoblog theme. If you have a news site that wishes a fresh look, design, or transform it’s functionality, this may just be the theme for you.

Hybrid News comes with an additional page template aptly titled Front Page, which has a featured post slider, excerpts section, and headlines section. You get to choose what posts are shown and how many posts are shown.

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Majapahit Wordpress Theme DownloadMajapahit is a beautiful magazine style Wordpress theme. The theme is rich in colours and has a new look. The layout is completely configurable through the Theme’s options page.

The homepage has 4 categories section with 2 posts displayed for each section. Features include featured post, 4 columns layout, feature section and 6 categories expandable newsbox. You can also implement 4(Four) 125x125 ads.

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iBizPress Tech Wordpress Theme DownloadiBizPress Tech [LightTech] is a magazine style theme and is suitable for all types of niche. This theme has a beautiful animated featured area. Although this theme is available in 5 colors the LightTech looks best and more professional.

Theme Features include Animated featured area, Ad Space, banner space, featured video area, easy Feedburner email subscription, widgets at the bottom and much more.

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Compositio Wordpress Theme DownloadCompositio is a beautiful two column theme, which has random square shapes with unique light blue design. If you are looking at this theme for the first time, its uniqueness will defenitely catch your eyes.

Theme features include "Logo changer", i.e., use the default wordpress "blog name" or use a logo image. The is a widget ready theme and is licensed Creative Commons, so you can use it as you like, and make any changes. Just leave the credits on footer.

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Comfy Wordpress ThemeComfy is a magazine style wordpress theme which is very unique from others. Apart from basic features like drop down menus, feedburner integration, advertisement slots, tabs and widget, featured posts etc. it also contains an unique feature where users can minimize, maximize, or close any widget from homepage.

Comfy also displays posts from your selected categories. User can easily increase or decrease the number of stories shown to him on home page which makes your blog look like a real news site.

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Typebased Wordpress ThemesTypebased is a clean and elegant style free wordpress theme from WooThemes. It is designed for a personal blog and also included all of the other Woo goodies in the back-end, i.e., custom widgets, integrated banner ad management etc.

Features include Widgetized sidebar, with some nice custom widgets to allow you full control over your sidebar, and 5 different colour schemes to choose from.

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Premium News Theme from WooThemesThe Premium News Theme from WooThemes has Featured Posts panel on the homepage using jQuery technology to display or hide the posts and animated horizontal drop-down menu’s for category navigation.

This theme also has Automatic Image Resizer, which is used to dynamically create the thumbnails and featured images, a built-in video panel, which you can use to publish any web-based Flash videos and the layout supports all three of the most popular web ad sizes i.e. 468×60, 300×250 and 125×125.

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MMOZINE wordpress themeThe MMOZINE wordpress theme is a Make Money Online theme and is Advertisement/Banner Ready. Features include Image: in Every Post (automatic resize), SEO Optimized, Threaded Comments, Featured Video, Animated Tags, Page Number Navigation and lots more.

To add Thumbnail images for your blog posts just click “Add an Image” button. Then insert into post. Thumbnails will automatically show on your blog. Custom Field NOT required.

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News Theme WordpressNewsTheme is also a very good Magazine Style theme with cool features like Popular Posts, Thumbnails on Posts, Featured Video Section, SEO Optimized, Threaded Comments, 125×125 Banner Ads, etc.

Just remember that when creating your blog post, just click “Add an Image” Button and then insert into post. The thumbnails will automatically show on your blog. To Change the logo, just open “images” folder and replace “logo.gif”.

Demo | Download | Download PSD

Magasin DosMagasin Dos, a beautiful Magazine style Wordpress theme with lots of goodies like Automatic Thumbnail Resizer, Featured Post, Twitter Account integration, Flickr Thumbnails and is Adsense ready with advertising blocks easily customizable via the Option Page.

This theme also supports Threaded Comments, has Built-in Page Navigation, Feedburner Email Subscriber, Gravatar Enabled, Advertisement Ready Blocks and is easily customizable through the Option Page.

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Scarlett Wordpress ThemeScarlett is a decent and elegant wordpress theme with stylish and dynamic contents elements built into it. Most of you will love this theme if you take a look at the demo because it kind of gives your blog a unique look.

Features include drop down javascript navigation menu, sliding image elements, animated random post, customizable Ad Space, 300x250 ad unit on single posts, featured Video, Twitter updates, flickr gallery, related post, page navigation, threaded comments and many more.

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Zinmag Tribune Wordpress ThemesZinmag Tribune is free digital newspaper wordpress theme with multilevel drop down menus, featured post images, news ticker with images, posts with thumnail images etc.

Supports various ad layouts, featured video, random news, adsense intregration and a custom admin panel to enable its different modules.

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Zinmag Primus is a light colored premium theme with a featured post section that will instantly catch the eyes of your visitors.

With Features like multi-level drop-down navigation menu, 125x125 banner ads support, 468x60 adsense banner, featured video section, customizable twitter plugin, thumbnail images with auto resize, threaded comments, dual sidebars,page navigation plugin and much more.

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ForexPress is a magazine style wordpress theme which was designed for financial and politics niche. This theme has widgetized dual sidebar with built in currency converter as an optional module.

This theme features fancy javascript menus, 125 x 125 adspace and adsense enabled, featured video section, minipost area with thumbnail images, Tabbed content for displaying latest post and categories and much more.

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Arthemia Wordpress Theme DownloadArthemia is beautiful a magazine style wordpress theme by Micheal Jubel.It has nice JavaScript drop-down navigation menus, featured section, three bottom widgets, automatic image resizing, page navigation and much more.

This theme is immensely popular because of its simplicity and has a category bar in the middle of the page for categories and navigational purposes. Ad spaces for 300 x 250 ads and 468 x 60 banner ads are also present.

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