Wednesday, August 27, 2008

AdSense For Feeds - Now Make Money On Your Blog Feeds.

Google Adsense For FeedsIn the video section today I am going provide you with a little more information regarding AdSense For Feeds. With AdSense for feeds you can now earn by placing Google Adsense ads on your blog feeds.

Like normal AdSense ads, AdSense for feed can also be paid in two ways, i.e., by click or by impression. Feed ads can also be targeted in two ways.

  • Contextually targeted to the content in your feed.

  • Targeted by advertisers to your specific feed when you set up an ad placement

You can also control the appearance, positioning, and frequency of Google Adsense Ads for your feeds. However the ad size is automatically determined based on where your feed is appearing.

Google Adsense For Feeds

Why use Adsense for feeds?

Now days most us use feed readers to read a blog's Rss feed. Since I am using software or a web based application to read the contents of the blog, unless the blog uses a "read more" script I don't actually need to visit the blog to read its content. So, the blog does not earn any Adsense income from feed readers who are actually loyal to the blog. Now, with the introduction of AdSense for feeds, you can implement Adsense Ads on your feeds, which might increase your Adsense revenue.

Those of you who use Feedburner to syndicate your blogs RSS feed, you need to migrate them first. Just send an email at and mention your FeedBurner username and the AdSense account email address.

In this video Google product manager Steve Olechowski introduces AdSense for feeds, Google's new monetization solution for RSS feeds - which is now available in your AdSense account.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Affiliate Marketing With MoreNiche.

If you're serious about improving your Internet Income from affiliate marketing then I am confident that MoreNiche can help you. Over the last 6 years MoreNiche has helped thousands of affiliates increase their income.

What makes MoreNiche stand out from the rest of the crowd?

MoreNiche is an affiliate marketing network, which allows you to earn large commissions for promoting highly desirable products and services online. For every conversion (sale, lead, phone call) you make, MoreNiche will pay you up to $300.00. To make it even easier, they provide you with everything you need including marketing tools, free websites and most importantly one on one support.

For affiliate marketers to achieve regular high commissions, it is important that they have ample resources for the products they promote. MoreNiche does just that and provides you with a mix of high quality, tested for conversion resources. Below are some of the resources that are available for MoreNiche affiliates.

Web Site Templates - At Least 3 Per Niche.

Affiliate Web Site TemplatesYou will get numerous fully designed websites, with a logo, header and footer. The websites can be shop fronts, review sites or price comparison templates. Usual cost for free websites like this can range from $50.00 to $500.00 but with MoreNiche you get them for free. This will allow you to instantly own a website. When you combine this with their guides on traffic generation, you will be in the position to start to generate those huge commissions.

Product Articles - At Least 40 Per Website.

Once you have a website you need quality content and keep it updated so that visitors come back. MoreNiche merchants provide you with a selection of articles, based around their product(s). You will also find thousands of articles in MoreNiche, and all you have to do is submit slightly modified versions of these articles to article directories. This will also help you generate traffic and help with your website(s) position in the major search engines. By submitting articles to article directories, you can get traffic instantly to your new website.

Feeder Websites - Perfect For Converting Traffic.

MoreNiche Product SitesCustomers like to shop around and educate themselves before they buy merchandise, and because of this, your best conversions can come from informational and product review sites.

MoreNiche merchants provide you with a review style website, packed with content and hosted on MoreNiche. These feeder sites encourage people to purchase from a merchants product site, and when they do you get credit for that sale.

Keyword Lists - To Get You On Track.

If you are looking to get your site naturally listed on Google, Yahoo, MSN or any other search engine then you need to make sure you're targeting the right keywords.

Every vendor provides you with what they consider are the best converting keywords for their niche. You will also get access to a file which details the competitiveness, and best converting keywords for traffic.

Product Imagery - Designed To Impress.

MoreNiche Product ImagesBuyers need to see an image of what they are purchasing, this reassure them that they are going to get what they expect. It is therefore important that the product imagery appeals.

High quality images can actually convince the customer to purchase through your site rather than a competitor.

You will have the option to use images taken from many different angles, compilation images, amateur images and images not available anywhere else.

Product Reviews - To Improve Your Conversion Rate.

Writing product or store reviews is an art which when mastered can considerably improve the number of commissions that you make. To make it easier, all MoreNiche merchants provide you with reviews for their products or their stores.

Promotional Banners - Which Are Designed To Convert.

MoreNiche Affiliate Product BannersAffiliate Banners shaped horizontal, vertical and seasonal banners are all provided for you to use. If you can think of a banner shape, then MoreNiche has them available for you.

You do not have to waste time downloading and adding banners to your website, because all of them are hosted for you.

Also, quickly find out which banners convert the best and use it on your website.

MoreNiche University - Learn Everything You Need To Know.

You will find videos, guides, example successes and How To Promote Material for every merchant in MoreNiche. You will also have access to the Affiliate/Merchant forum which allows you to get answers to any questions within just a few minutes.

MoreNiche offers a lot of free ebooks covering all aspects of affiliate marketing, from basic guides to expert SEO advice from Brad Cullen or ebooks on getting traffic to your site without spending money.

MoreNiche is the one and only affiliate program that continuously works in order to make their affiliates make sales. They run different competitions and all always adding more resources to people can grow their sites with ease.

The MoreNiche support team is available everyday for you, either on the forum, phone or via their ticketing system.

Cash Activation Bonus (CAB) For Affiliates.

When you Join MoreNiche, you will be entered into the Cash Activated Bonus system which pays you to learn - up to $45.00 before you even make a sale.

This is how you earn your cash:
  • Joining MoreNiche affiliate network - $15.00 just for registering for free.

  • Setting up your website - $10.00 and you are provided step by step instructions.

  • Sending traffic - $10.00 for sending 100 unique visitors.

  • Forum activity - $10.00 for interacting on the affiliate network forum.


When you become a MoreNiche affiliate (for free) you get access to over 50,000 pages of information about marketing successfully online. You also get access to a quick start guide, which is designed to get you earning commissions within 24 hours.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Adsense Ready Money Maker Blogger Template - Timeline Digest.

Timeline Digest is a great Money Maker Blogspot theme. This template has several Ad spots including the well-liked 125 x 125 sized banners in the sidebar. It’s a grand way to sell ads on your site to get in some additional money every month. The version included in this download has six 125 x 125 placeholders that are perfect for bloggers.

Features included in this template are:-

  • Top navigation tabs.
  • Top Ad Space large 728 x 90 where you can include a banner or Google Adsense.
  • Sidebar Ad space for 300 x 250 Google Adsense Ads.
  • Label Cloud, Social Bookmarking Links and customized comments block.
  • 3 column theme with separate top sidebar block and bottom sidebar with split 2 widget sidebars.
  • Custom Category Page With Inline Left Custom Image.
Demo | Download