Thursday, July 31, 2008

Google Knol - Make Money With The Next Big Thing.

Google Knol - Make Money With The Next Big Thing.Google has just entered the Article Directory Game in a Big Way after they launched Knol on July 23. Google Knol (a Wikipedia Competitor) is free and all you need is a Google Account Id. This is an absolute Ground Breaking Opportunity because you can write and publish articles on your favourite topics. The service gets its name from the word "knowledge” and each article page or content page you create will be called a Knol (an authoritative article about a specific topic, similar to Squidoo Lenses).

Why use Google Knol and what are the benefits?

Well we all know how authoritative the top writers were in Ezine Articles when it was first launched and all of us want to enjoy the steady supply of Traffic and Income those article writers are receiving.

Google Knol obtained thousands of quality back links in less than a week. It is expected that Google Knol will be Page Rank 8 or more in the near future. Right now there are less than 2000 pages when I searched Google for Knol. But don’t worry soon their will be millions of Articles submitted.

Since Google Knol will gain huge amount of back links, many of the Knols created by different writers will start ranking high on Google search engine and benefit from free Google traffic.

Submitted articles will be reviewed and rated by others in the directory, giving the writer even more authority in the site, helping their content to rank higher and thereby providing them with the opportunity to get even more traffic and more money.

Adsense Ads can be integrated with the Knols.

The best part is that writers will be able to include AdSense ads in all their Knols. So, the Knols that attract traffic can earn from AdSense ad revenue. Authors, who will be able to create popular Knols that share valuable content, should be able to earn a good AdSense income every month.

Also, Google will be ranking the articles supplied relative to the rankings of the authors who submit them. Those who manage to get their Knols ranked on a competitive keyword will receive quality traffic and will have the chance to include links in their Knols to direct these Google traffic to their Website or Blog or even choose to monetize their Knols with AdSense ads so that these Google traffic can be converted into AdSense revenue.

I am still experimenting with Google Knol and trying to find out how it performs and what other roles it can play, but at present it looks very promising. And as Google Knol is rather young, we’ll give it sometime and who knows, maybe it may become the next big thing since Youtube.