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Affiliate Marketing Tips

Written by Sudipto on Sunday, September 02, 2007

You can earn good money by signing up as an affiliate for different merchant companies. This form of Internet Income From Home is very popular because there are no hazard of product creation, taking orders, processing and shipping them, no accounting worries etc. However pay attention to the following affiliate marketing tips before starting your marketing campaign:

A. Find your Niche : Your success definitely depends on you finding a profitable niche. Therefore you should spend considerable time finding your Niche, which is least competitive. So do some research before you sign up for an affiliate program. Reading Ken Evoy's Free Affiliate Marketing Course will help you find a profitable Niche.

B. Choosing Affiliate Programs : After finding a profitable Niche, it is necessary to find products that match your Niche. Here is a list of Best Affiliate Programs To Make Money with. You may choose one that best fits your Niche.

C. Promoting Affiliate Products : There are various ways you can promote affiliate products. You will have to decide for yourself which one best suite you.

- Use Pay Per Click (PPC) : Most affiliate marketers use PPC to promote their affiliate links, because it is one of the cheapest and immediate ways to get quality traffic. Again before you start your PPC campaign it is necessary find effective low cost yet profitable Keywords to bid on. You can use SEO Book Keyword Analysis Tool to find profitable keywords to bid on.

- Build A Website : You can also build a theme based content site with your affiliate links in it and then promote it. Building a quality website requires a lot of hard work and you will have to take several things like - registering a Domain Name, finding a quality Host, deciding on the content of the website, etc. into consideration. I will advice you to go for a free blog like Blogger or Wordpress.

- Writing An Article : Writing an Article about your affiliate product and submitting it to various article directories is another way to promote your products. Just make sure that it is an honest opinion and has a catchy title. At the end of the article put a link to the affiliate product or your website. If you do this quite regularly it will not only bring lots of traffic to your website, but also improve your link popularity as many website owners who will like your article will use it on their site.

- Submit RSS Feeds : If you use a blog to promote your affiliate products, then submit your blogs RSS feed to as many blog directories as you can. Use services such as Feed Shark and Pingoat.

- Use Social Bookmarking Sites : Sign up to Social BookMarking Sites such delicious, blogmemes, myweb, etc. and bookmark your site. These Social BookMarking Sites will add your site to their database and share it with other users.

- Use YouTube And Video Google : Create a short Video about your affiliate product and submit it to video sharing sites such as YouTube, Metacafe, and Video Google. This can drive quite a lot of traffic to your site.

There are many other tactics which you can employ to drive traffic to your website. Just use your imagination, improvise and keep in mind that no traffic means no money.

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